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Kids paint bag rated on style flower park in Scandinavia (bag only) (pink) made in Japan N2101300 (japan import) B00BN1PA4G

  • Artikelnummer: B00BN1PA4G
  • 568 Stück auf Lager

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Kids paint bag rated on style flower park in Scandinavia (bag only) (pink) made in Japan N2101300 (japan import) B00BN1PA4G
  • Size: length 13.5cm x 32.5cm x side gusset 12.0cm
  • 100% PVC processing cotton lining: nylon outer material quality
  • Kids paint bag rated on style Set contents:
  • If by the PC environment of the customers, the difference may occur in color taste, there is it. Please note.
  • There is a case to change the specification to equivalent or if different from a photograph products. Please note.
Weitere Produktdetails


using scattered on a white background a flower of pastel colors calm cloth pattern features

. use of color reminiscent of
Nordic style, fashion sense up a notch. atmosphere gentle
Natural, favorite mistake pear Motto Zu! 2way shoulder bag 1. shawl OK stylish

Product Features

! A feeling of fashion luxury plentiful
overwhelming refined or simple OFF excellent laminate fabric paint dirt 2. Dirt paint finish

of "rating" on exactly what cloth laminate gloss vinyl coated fabric resistant to moisture! even after the paint stuck to
laminate cloth has gone dry, and excellent 3. strength and durability easy care

dirt falls neatly if I wipe it with wet towel
Because it is coating cloth that can be used Ku long ... so, I am strong and last a long time even if I take it there is no worry to be broken is
surface or cured while I continue to use! The reinforcement firmly in stylish enamel
piping also looks, end portion which is easy to rub
, packed surface to devise 4. kindergartener and infants, elementary school prevention

is easy to use getting out of shape outside pocket for convenient accessory storage is
double fastener specifications one, 5. papa mama Kids simple smooth

also relieved to open and close, to be made in Japan of trust! Completed
a Perfect "rating on Style" also look outstanding durability,
from anywhere in the lavish laminate finish also back-bottom

Technische Details
Artikelgewicht    240 g
Verpackungsabmessungen    39,5 x 26,4 x 6,1 cm
Vom Hersteller empfohlenes Alter:    Ab 18 Jahren
Herstellerreferenz     N2101300

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